Board book Printing

Board book Printing

Colorfine been in the industry of custom printing children’s books for long, we are proved and recommended by baby book printing and children’s book printing. Board book printing is increasing in popularity with ranging benefits to toddlers and kids.

Especially in photo picture board book printing for toddlers and pre-school kids. Even small details of production have been focus, when making round corners and die-cutting, every angel would been made round enough and good for children. We care more to print kids books.
Board book printing is an economical way for producing your children’s best board book. You can see HUGE cost savings while having the superior print and binding quality here. Printing board books for self-publishing and independent children’s book publishers is gaining interest from all quarters.

Board books are books with pages that are each made of thick cardboard . This binding is perfect for children’s books, since the paperboard makes the book durable enough to survive a lot of handson attention from small children, while the thick cardboard also makes it easy for little fingers to turn pages without assistance. Most board books also use rounded corners to prevent paper cuts.

The board book binding methodology is not actually technically “binding” at all. Each set of 2 pages is printed, cut, and then glued to blank another cardboard. From there, each set of 2 pages is glued together

one at a time. Finally, The cover paper is wrapped and glued around the body. Board books traditionally use lamination finished or gloss UV on all pages, to increase durability and protect them from the intense handling they usually receive when in use.

There are variety of treatment and technology in board book making, such as paste window which can be open and closed, debasing.

Colofine also produce foam cover board book (also named padded board book) ,sometimes spacer are added in each board pages.

Outstanding board book maker

Colofine has a entire production procedure of die cutting and punching press for different shapes of board books, Nicely round corner shaped and very good board book binding, padded board book binding for children’s books.
Various advanced machine and mature technology make Colofine unique and outstanding in this industry.

Every book from Colofine is beautiful and worth reading.