Puzzles Printing

Step 1: Printing the Image

Once the image has been edited, we begin the production process. The next step is to print the puzzle image using the offset printing process. All our puzzles are printed on special linen-embossed paper that we make ourselves, which helps minimize light reflections and glare on the puzzle.

Step 2: Laminate the Puzzle

The next step in the production process is to laminate the printed puzzle image onto the cardboard. Our blue cardboard is produced specially for us, offering a thicker and sturdier puzzle experience. To connect the paper sheet with the cardboard, our technicians use massive press roll machines that glues everything together using water-based, non-toxic adhesive.

Step 3: Creating the Die Lines

To cut our puzzles into the desired piece count, templates need to be created that will eventually help our engineers create the steel punching tools. All our puzzle templates are hand-drawn and take on average about 160 hours to complete. This ensures that all our puzzle pieces are unique.

Step 4: The Cutting Process

After the punching tool is ready, it is then installed on one of our punching machines. The cardboard image is then inserted into the press machine by a technician and cut with the pressure of a few hundred tons. After the cut is complete, we now have a puzzle with individual piece.

Step 5: Bag the Puzzle and Shrink wrap the Box

As the cut puzzle makes its way through the conveyor, the individual pieces are separated and guided into a bag using our automated machinery. The bag is then heat sealed and ready to be inserted into the box. After the box is closed, it gets shrink wrapped. This keeps the box safe during transportation and guarantees an original puzzle.Makes custom packaging sleek and reusable. Each puzzle comes in a drawstring bag within a pull-out box displaying your logo and puzzle design. Finally, each puzzle comes with glue and a tool to preserve your masterpiece.